Clan Rules:

1: To become a member, you have to do something really manly like dissecting a cat or backing your car over grandma. Only photos are taken for evidence.

2: Drug-abuse is obligatory. Non-smokers and anti-alcoholics: get stuffed you boring creeps!

3: Every clan member has to fart loudly in public at least once a day, especially when huge-breasted blondes come along.

4: Clan members are allowed in matches with clean desktop only! Infringe this rule and you're OUT!

5: Internal clan meetings are at least once a month in a location t.b.a. Absence is punished severely, eg. by backing the car over your grandma.

6: Every member has to do AT LEAST one monsterkill per clanwar. Penalty for less: copy down the clan rules 100 times in Calligraphy on 135g/m2-paper.

7: Girls are welcome, especially huge-breasted blondes with kinky tendencies.

8: When attending a clanwar, uniform is obligatory. The official AYB uniform consists of: suspenders (orange or black), g-string (dito), tie (pink or yellow), weird headgear like safari-helmet or fez (with applicated AYB logo!) and stinking socks (colour of no importance, age at least 2 weeks).

9: Clanmembers are not allowed to attend real life except for emergency or 3. Any clan member who is seen out on the street without obeying 3 or a good excuse will be tied to a chair and exposed to "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" for not less than 8 hours.

10: Break one of these rules and boy..... we'll find you, your family, your cat, your grandma and all of them will have a REALLY nasty time.